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*Welcomes Self*

2010-06-01 14:53:21 by superdanyul

So I joined this because I did the music and stuff for BlobbyCartoons Red Bull Short. He requested I made an account, so, I did :D! I really don't understand the site yet, but maybe ill upload things! I really don't know.

In the meantime, I am an amateur director.
This is my website and this is my youtube.

Subscribe pls!

I hope you like the Red Bull video!


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2010-06-03 19:36:30

HOLY WOWOAH. How do you make music like that!? That is obviously the best thing your good at.

superdanyul responds:

Haha I didn't compose the music. Unfortunately I don't have a wonderful orchestra that is willing to play for me. Um... thanks anyway!


2010-06-03 21:47:36

That was excellent, that Red Bull Short. Yes!

If you composed the music with some software, we'd be happy if you submitted some tracks to the Audio Portal.

superdanyul responds:

I didn't compose the music, but thanks anyway!


2010-06-07 09:31:13

Where can I get the music for the red bull short?

superdanyul responds:

It's from everywhere really. If you hear music in movie you like, check IMDb for it's composer then go to we7 or to find some of their music. I'm quite a fan of Hans Zimmer, James Newton Howard, John Powell and Howard Shore.


2010-06-21 12:26:02

if you didn't compose the music then what DID you do?

superdanyul responds:

Sorry for the reply delay, but mostly I recorded and arranged the sound effects. The music was just stuff that I found that I thought would fit nicely. Although recently, I've worked on a video with Krumeater who animated the Red Bull Short for which I performed the music and composed some of it. I've been hunting for good software but I can't seem to find any that arent like, midi-ness. That sort of cheap keyboardness of them.