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New stuff soon!

2010-11-14 09:52:25 by superdanyul

Been working sound and music for a flash with krumeater, should be on here soon.
Check it out on youtube: Aag8

Also, my old website and youtube were hax0red, got new ones now :)
Click here for my new youtube channel :)

I've been hunting for decent music software for composing and getting a decent sound that doesnt sound like a £10 keyboard. If anyone has any suggestions, please!

*Welcomes Self*

2010-06-01 14:53:21 by superdanyul

So I joined this because I did the music and stuff for BlobbyCartoons Red Bull Short. He requested I made an account, so, I did :D! I really don't understand the site yet, but maybe ill upload things! I really don't know.

In the meantime, I am an amateur director.
This is my website and this is my youtube.

Subscribe pls!

I hope you like the Red Bull video!